What memories taste like and why I love awful beer

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February 25, 2013 by Woodystock

woodysignatureAs human beings we are blessed with our five sense; sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. These are aspects of our humanity that we take for granted no doubt, but we know we do it and we send them to shit. This tastes like shit, you look like shit, this smells like shit, this shit is cold. We are so focused on the negative end of these senses that only rarely do we foucs on the positives.

Simple things can jog memories, the simplest things. The song “i would do anything for love” by Meatloaf immediatley reminds me of being in a kareoke bar in Calgary (dont ask), Tim Mcgraw reminds me of police chases (dont ask), southern comfort reminds me of being 16, the smell of diesel exhaust and donairs remind me of Edmonton, Pepsi and overly buttered toast remind me of truckers, red flowers in brown brush remind me of hitch hiking in new brunswick, Captain Morgans reminds me of playing poor golf and Toyota cars remind me of highschool roadtrips. The older I get, the more attached that I get to these vauge memories brought on by stupid smells and shitty 80’s songs. But this is nothing new, companies have been using this enigma for decades. Coca Cola is cool, Jeep is tough, Volvo is safe, tampax is clean and tequila is a bad idea. This is what madison avenue calls “Brand Character”.

I was in a liquor store today and stood in front of the beer cooler with that constant delimena, “what shitty beer do I buy today?”
Just as food and songs and smells bring me bygone days, so does beer and certain spirits.
Corona=beginning of summer
MGD=the rest of summer
Labbat blue= Learning how to bartend
Pabst Blue Ribbon=College
Old English=Highschool
Good Scotch= feeling confident about my life as a writer
bad scotch= feeling realistic about my life as a writer
Rye and coke= being 21 in Banff, Alberta
Bow Valley lager= Being 22 in Banff, ALberta
Kokanee Gold = Kareoke bars in Calgary
Kokanee = Brockville, Ontario
Labatt Genuine Draft= binge drinking at 18
Captain Morgans= Playing terrible golf while Rufus Dindeel strategically dated the beverage cart girl
Sailor Jerrys= Tooth aches and poker
Tequila= Shame and regretful desicions

I have decided on Cariboo Genuine draft. This will now be my writing beer. Or at least until I can afford for it not to be.


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