National Flag Shooters. Patriotic Drinking!

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February 18, 2013 by Woodystock

May I present to you the Kuwaiti, Somalian, Italian, Iranian and Mexican Flag.  As a SHOOTER!!


mexican flag shooter, grim whiskey

This one is actually a Mexican Flag, as it was conjured up in a Mexican restaurant.  It was a slow day and the staff and I were bored, Stanely Cup playoffs dont really pan out well for ethnic restaraunts in the suburbs of western Canada.

This particular shooter was made of.

(bottom) Grenadine

(middle) White Sambuca, Shaken over ice.  That cloudy appearance is known as the “Ouzo Effect” and comes from adding cold water (shaken over ice) to the spirit.

(Top) a simple blend of cheap tequila and green creme de menthe.

Yes it had Tequila in it, and no it didn’t taste particularly good.  Wait, that is hard to say because of the layering.  You are first punched in the mouth by a mixture of mint, tequila and sambuca but the finish is sweet and tastes of cherries.  So it is not all bad.

Layered shots are a great way to entertain and entertain guests and another one of those little tricks to drag in an extra couple rubles in tips.  You can make a show out of it and dazzle an entire bar or dining room with your flash, flare and showman ship.  But be careful not to become a victim of your own success and wind up making a hundred of these things.

This one wasnt that hard, it took maybe a couple of minutes of bored discussion before trying it out.  Once you get the hang of layering ingredients, it’s really not that difficult.  Eventually you will figure out what liquors gone on the bottom, which go on top and which ones you can manipulate.

Flag shots can be pretty easy to come up with, granted the how simple the flag is.  The majority of national flags are made up for three bars and sometimes an emblem or crest.  Most people are forgiving if you neglect an intricately designed lion on the inside face of the shot glass.

frenchflagThese three simple colours can represent a number of national flags, let alone clubs, groups, nationalist movements etc.  A Blue, white and Red shot can represent Cuban, Australian, Czech Republic, French, Slovenian, Slovakian and of course American flags.  The recipe is just as simple as the mexican flag.

(bottom) grenadine

(middle) Shaken sambuca

(top) a mixture of vodka and blue curacao.

The art of layering takes time, start with two layers then three, eventually you can work up to five or six.

Eventually, I will produce recipes for as many national flags and regions as possible.  All I need is a bar that is willing to lend me a wall for a couple of hours, not an easy task.

for an index of the viscosities of different liquors click here



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