Liquor Viscocity and other heavy shit (hint..this is really boring)


February 18, 2013 by Woodystock


This is a bartending article.  If you are simply a drinker, this article will be boring and pointless.  I suggest turning back now.

If you are a bartender, take head.  Being able to layer a shot or drink is a skill that you must have if you ever plan on graduating from pouring foamy pints and rum and cokes to an actual bartender.  Any half-witted moron can stick a lime in a corona or make a vodka seven, real bartenders have skills and layering shots is one of them.

Just like motor oil or hydraulic fluids, beverages and liquors have differing weights as well.  These weights, in reference to layering drinks, determine where a liquor will sit in the organization of layers.  Cream based spirits, like baileys, often sit on top as they are light in consistency. Whereas spirits that are heavily sweetened, such as Kaluha or Creme de Cacao, tend to be heavier and will sink to the bottom.

Grenadine is by far the heaviest ingredient that will be used in layered drinks, it may not be a spirit but is frequently used in layered drinks for its ultimate density and flavour.

The following is a list of spirits and liquors and their respective weights.  Remember, the heaviest spirit used will be at the bottom.  Consider this while preparing drinks as the good organization will have the best cosmetic result in the appearance of the drink.  in other words, put them in the right order and dont fuck it up.

These weights are relative to the weight of water, 0.9 is 90 percent the weight of water and 1.1 is 110 percent the weight of water.

flavorless, full proof spirits such as gin or vodka can be used to “cut” a spirit if you are looking to lighten the weight.

spirit colour weight in relation to water
Kirschwasser clear 0.94
Southern Comfort amber 0.97
Tuaca amber 0.98
Ginger brandy light brown 1
Water clear 1
Green Chartreuse green 1.01
Kirsh clear 1.02
Benedictine light brown 1.04
Brandy amber 1.04
Cherry Liqour red 1.04
Cinnamon Schnapps n.a 1.04
Cognac amber 1.04
Cointreau clear 1.04
grande marnier amber 1.04
Kummel white 1.04
Peach Liqueur amber 1.04
Pepperemint schnapps clear 1.04
Sloe Gin deep red 1.04
Melon liqueur green 1.05
rootbeer schnapps brown 1.05
Apricot    Brandy amber 1.06
Blackberry Brandy dark red 1.06
Campari red 1.06
fruit brandy n.a 1.06
Cherry Brandy dark red 1.06
Peach Brandy amber 1.06
yellow chartreuse yellow 1.06
Benedictine D.O.M light brown 1.07
Amaretto Di Saranno light brown 1.08
Drambui amber 1.08
Frangelico amber 1.08
Orange Curaco orange 1.08
Sambuca white 1.08
Apricot Liqueur amber 1.09
Tia Maria brown 1.09
Triple Sec clear 1.09
Amaretto light brown 1.1
Blackberry Liqueur dark red 1.1
Strawberry Liqueur red 1.1
Blue Caracao blue 1.11
Galliano golden yellow 1.11
Cherry Liqueur Dark Red 1.12
Green Crème de menthe dark green 1.12
White crème de menthe clear 1.12
Maraschino liqueur red 1.13
Parfait d’amour purple 1.13
coffee liqueur dark brown 1.14
crème de banane yellow 1.14
Crème de cacao clear 1.14
dark crème de cacao brown 1.14
Kaluha dark brown 1.15
Crème de almond clear 1.16
Anisette white 1.17
Crème de noyaux bright red 1.17
Crème de cassis dark red 1.18
Grenadine dark red 1.18

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