The Creative Process or “Writing is something that you don’t know how to do. You sit down and it’s something that happens, or it may not happen.”

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February 16, 2013 by rufusdindeel


Do you write? The wind is changing directions and every time I set my cigar down it blows right in my face. Guess I should not be upset I am the one who lit the fucking thing after all. Anyways back to the point. Do you write? Do you paint? Draw? Are you a musician? Do you fucking play with your dick in hopes of achieving orgasm when you come home wasted? What I am getting at is that all of those things are artistic, and involve a creative process. We all have one. I have been an artist for years. Between painting on commission, playing music and writing music, writing poetry, or blogging, which is questionably an art form but is writing nevertheless. I cant just sit down and birth a fucking chunk of gold out of my divine anus. I have to be inspired. Or at least coaxed. Hence the creative process. Mine involves a laptop in front of me, making me nervous like Luongo makes every Canucks fan on game night. Next step is whiskey. Good or bad, I dont care if I am writing. Then comes the cigar. Now I am feeling relaxed at least. Then the blues comes. Or jazz. Depends how I am feeling. And not new shit. Old shit. Elmore James, Buddy Guy maybe. Maybe just maybe some Ellington. And now I am at least feeling ready to write. But it’s not like I am actually full of ideas. It has to be right. It has to come to me. It has to flow. It cannot be forced. Usually the whiskey makes me more(or less) eloquent. Not tonight, obviously. This is a fucking rant again. Point being is there is really no process when it comes to writing. Not one that works that is. Now, I am drunk, and this rant is pertinent to me getting my point across. Thank you, Charles Bukowski, for contributing the one redeeming bit of insight to this post. The title. I have a cigar to finish in peace, and if the name Bukowski does not ring a bell, make it ring a bell, and make sure you hear it. Adios Amigos.



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