Breakfast of Champions

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February 16, 2013 by Woodystock


There is a near endless list of reasons to be of a parched mouth during the breakfast hours.  Hangovers are the most common, your withdrawing booze pickled body craves some sort of excitable sustenance, your mouth is dry and taste of bad decisions and the insides of your eyelids scratch against your eyeballs like 60 grit sandpaper.

It is cocktail hours as if there was never one.  But what?  What magical inbibtions my I consume that will off me comfort and compassion in my haggard state.  Or maybe it is an ex girlfriends wedding that you were invited to for reasons that you do not understand, perhaps an extra long wait for court to be called to session, funeral, wedding, sunday morning born again?  Regardless, there is always a reason, an excuse or celebration, so here is a small list of great morning drinks that have the stamina that you have previously expelled and exhausted.

The Ceaser.

This is an absolute must for all Canadian bartenders, and it is your expertise and interpretation that will distinguish you against tap monkey, boston pizza drop-outs that argue to be bartenders. This is the quintessential Canadian Cocktail, it can be served with just about any liquor in any glass and with an insane plethora of spices and flavours.  But as the saying goes, you need to know the rules before you can break them.

Rim a tall highball glass with celery salt, personally I find that the more salt the better, but the ceaser is a very drinker oriented drink, so feel free to ask. Fill the glass with ice and add ingredients.

1oz of Vodka

3-6 dashes of Worcestershire sauce.  Lee and Perrins is the standard

3-6 dashes of Hot sauce,Tabasco is the standard but I personally prefer Franks

Fill glass with Clamato Juice.  Dont even bother fooling yourself with any imitation, there is a reason Clamato is king, respect it.

One shake of salt and pepper

Garnish the ceaser with one, two or several of the following. Lime or Lemon wedge, celery stick/stalk,olives, cocktail onions, pickled asparagus/bean, peppers, cheese, salted meats, prawns/shrimp, fruit or whatever you want. The ceaser is closer to a meal in the way that it is prepared, in the sense that the recipe is built off of ingredients and flavours more common with food. I have even seen quail eggs used as a garnish.

This recipe has been changed and manipulated a billion times and sometimes they are pretty good.  The trick to personalizing the ceaser is remembering that it is food and a not necessarily a cocktail.

The Bloody Mary.

The bloody mary predates, in publishing, the ceaser by almost half a century.  A bartender in Paris calls earliest claim to it in 1921.  The name of the cocktail most commonly goes to Queen Mary I of England who, a Catholic herself, massacred thousands of protestants in the 16th century, hence “Bloody Mary”

First off, in a collins, rocks or highball glass, rim the glass with rock salt. Then add the following ingredients.

1oz Vodka

3oz Tomato Juice

2-4 dashes of hot sauce, Tabasco or franks red hot

3-6 dashes Worcestershire sauce, lee and perrins

squeeze of one lemon wedge

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper

Garnish with Celery, olives, pickled asparagus or bean.

3.)  Mimosa

This is a drink that is absolutely perfect for weddings, as if designed for them.  It is simple and pleasant and bubbly.  In a stately glass and invigorating consumption the mimosa is a dream come true for breakfast drinkers.

5oz of Champagne/sparkling wine.

2oz orange juice.

Pour into a champagne flute, mary Antoinette’s don’t really work just trust me on that one.

4.) Screwdriver.

A standard for any daylight drinker.

1oz vodka

fill with orange juice

build over ice.

Variations include adding 7-up to the screwdriver making it a “Screw Up” or adding a half ounce of Galliano making it a “Harvey Wallbanger”

5.) Red Eye or Clam Eye

I first saw people drinking this in northern Alberta in 2004, although by the sheer number of people drinking it I imagine that it had been around for a while.  I was still young and not yet familiar with breakfast drinking and this concoction struck me as a damn near massacre to a perfectly good beer.  Apparently it has considerable benefit, most importantly settling the stomach after a long night of jovial abuse.

Glass or pint of light beer

2-5 ounces of Clamato or Tomato juice.

6.) Irish Coffee

You cannot have a breakfast drink menu without this one.  This is as standard as they come,  booze and caffeine to kick that rough morning in the ass.

1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream

1 Part Irish Whiskey

fill with hot coffee

Some places will top it off with whipping cream, chocolate shavings, cinnamon or other nonsense,  but it all just defers the point. Save that crap for the dinner crowd.





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